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Classic Muscle Cars

Of all the great industry of America, few things bring the rush of feelings that a classic car evokes. You didn’t have to be alive in 1955 to the early 70s to appreciate the smooth lines, flame decals or unmistakable sound a V8 engine produces even today on roads and at vehicle shows across the US. Classic muscle cars were first called “supercars” in their time. It was only after their heyday, that the term “muscle car” became popular. The beginning of the supercar was in the 1920s during Prohibition, when bootleggers needed vehicles that could outrun police cars. Modifying stock cars and making the engines more powerful was needed if one wanted to get away from the law. From these noteworthy origins, car enthusiasts began customizing their own vehicles to achieve greater speeds and street racing began.

Let’s take it back in time shall we?

The granddaddy of supercars came out like a rocket, the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 to be precise. Never had America seen a car like this. In 1949, its overhead-valve high-compression V8 engine was the leading edge of technology, allowing it to reach a top speed of 97mph while taking 13 seconds to reach 60mph. Powerful, lightweight and advanced for its time, the Rocket 88 soon became the bestselling vehicle for Oldsmobile, and soon other carmakers took notice of the public’s demand for fast cars.

Rocket 88

America’s other automakers began turning out their own response to the Rocket 88, and soon the names we know today would roll off the assembly lines. Chrysler Corporation’s Hemi and the small-block V8 came out. In the 50s the race was on to build even faster and more powerful engines. In 1956 Studebaker had its Golden Hawk with a 5.8L Packard V8. In the 1960s, Dodge, Plymouth, Ford and Chrysler models battled it out for car supremacy, releasing many notable performance cars like the Ford Mustang and offering more basic models for those who didn’t drag race, and yet wanted the flair of a swanky model.

Rock and Roll and Fast Cars

Putting that much power into small, lightweight engines meant that classic muscle cars handled poorly. Consequently, drag racing began to grow in popularity as quarter mile and one eighth mile races became the norm for America’s youth. This all took place in the 50’s up to the 70’s, before the OPEC stopped shipping oil and gas emissions were unheard of. It was a time to be young and free, and American teenagers declared their freedom with drag racing, hot rodding and rock n’ roll. Radios were just beginning to be installed in cars, and with this heady mix of gasoline and high spirits powered by rock n’ roll, it’s no wonder that classic muscle cars bring us all to a time when things were cheaper, simpler and (somewhat) faster.

More Classic Car Info

  •  Enjoy a classic car in the modern day. Visit Los Angeles, Route 66, or drive to Las Vegas and San Francisco.
  •  Make a special moment or photoshoot even more special - Travel the American West by way of American Muscle Car.
  •  Travel through hollywood and California’s legendary motion picture past.
  •  Classic cars with convertible tops make viewing the sights of Los Angeles super easy.
  •  Driving to San Francisco on the Famous PCH provides you with an experience of breathtaking views and incredible winding roads. The oceanside highway is well known for being a top driving experience.

Vacation or Holidays

Classic cars are large with trunk space for plenty of luggage. If you are planning a holiday vacation with a group of people make use of a classic car that can fit everyone and the baggage.


One of the many reasons classic car rental has become such a popular thing in Los Angeles is the amount of weddings that take place here every year. Taking wedding photos in front of a classic or zooming off in one of them after the reception simply cannot be beat.

Bachelor Party

When it comes to a guy’s weekend in Los Angeles for a bachelor’s party, what better way to have some fun than cruising the town in a classic car?

Pure Joy

If there is no particular occasion and you are looking to simply switch things up a bit and have some fun while in L.A., renting a classic car in Beverly Hills and driving with the convertible top down to Malibu or Santa Barbara is the perfect option.

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Driving a classic car through the streets of Los Angeles is a great way to experience the culture of Southern California. The 777 Exotics classic car fleet includes convertibles from Mustang to Cadillac. Vintage cars are a popular choice for weddings and photo shoots and 777 offers insurance for every occasion. If you are seeking a unique way to tour Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and more consider our Classic Car Rental in Los Angeles.

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777 Exotics is a TOP notch place, GREAT service and customer care, the staff and owners are very knowledgeable of every vehicle in their fleet…. They provide optional home deliveries and pick ups, which I think is more convenient.

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We used a classic Mustang for a photoshoot. Beautiful car and great people to work with.

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