Bentley Flying Spur Rental in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Bentley-Flying-Spur-White Bentley Flying Spur Rental in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Drive around the bustling streets of LA in a car made perfectly with an unbeatable blend of luxury and performance. The white Bentley Flying Spur is here. Equipped with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and a powerful twin-turbocharged engine, driving in LA has never been this smooth. We are pleased to offer the finest luxury vehicle, the white Bentley Flying Spur, for rental in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Malibu, California for your next trip.

White Bentley Flying Spur: The Sedan with a character

Having been able to transcend the blurred lines of automotive luxury, it is undeniable that the white Bentley Flying Spur is now the present-day industry benchmark. It has perfectly brought together exquisite design, masterful technology, and effortless performance. Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, this sedan is the one for you.

Designed to command attention, driving the white Bentley Flying Spur will surely be a head-turner! It has the largest super formed panel in any car which is made with super formed aluminum which creates a seemingly seamless surface. 

Meanwhile, the grille is crowned by the most striking “Flying B” mascot which was crafted from virgin stainless steel and hand polished. It is truly the Sedan with a character. Scratch that, it is THE SEDAN with THE CHARACTER.

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Anatomy of the white Bentley Flying Spur

The exterior panels of this car will truly catch your attention primarily because of the all-aluminum finish. In addition, this all-aluminum finish is intended to give the car a more “imposing and purposeful look”.

Its interior is nothing short of spectacular. Natural materials such as wood and leather were handcrafted in the car’s cabin. Glass and steel are integrated and incorporated in the cabin design to accentuate the natural materials. They managed to add these modern features without compromising the brand’s prim and proper styling. From left to right, up and down, the company’s renowned attention to detail is easily noticeable. 

Bentley also ensured that the white Bentley Flying Spur has lots of legroom! You can easily stretch those feet during long drives. The doors of this awesome sedan are also equipped with the new 3D quilt (a world’s first).

Equipped with the latest technology for infotainment and connectivity, driving (or even being a passenger) will surely be a worthwhile experience. Its large 12.3 inch HD touchscreen is perfectly placed between large swaths of wood trim. With a 10-speaker stereo system inside the car, you can headbang your way in the streets of LA or just listen to your favorite podcast, either way, this sedan is really for you.

Looking for power and speed? The white Bentley Flying Spur is the car for you. This car is built with Bentley’s hallmark 6.0 Litre W12 engine, which enables it to deliver phenomenal power and a seemingly endless transmission. During test drives, it can clock 60mph within 3.5 seconds! Traversing through corners has never been smooth thanks in part to the relocated front axle and the new rear-biased four-wheel-drive system.

Make the most of your L.A. experience with the white Bentley Flying Spur

The experience of driving one of the most luxurious sedans of today is incomplete without going to these highly recommended spots in L.A. to burn your time alone or with a company.

  • Griffith Park

Start your day by grabbing a quick breakfast at Trails Cafe situated at the entrance of Griffith Park. Park the car along the roadway and witness the breathtaking view over the greater Los Angeles Area. Snap an instagrammable picture while posing with the car overlooking the view of the greater Los Angeles Area. Your picture will surely be an instant hit.

  • Drive along with Santa Monica

Drive through the highway of the PCH and enjoy the coastal city. Views looking at the ocean, and if you’re lucky, the breathtaking sunset is much more enjoyable while driving the fanciest sedan.

  • VIP Shopping Experience along Melrose Avenue and Beverly Hills

Experience what it’s like to be a VIP and arrive in style and finesse at Melrose Avenue and Beverly Hills. You will never run out of options considering the hundreds of high-end and signature boutiques and shops. 

  • Palos Verdes Peninsula

Pump those gas pedals while driving through Palos Verdes while enjoying the scenic view of the Sta. Monica Mountains. Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins while traversing the highway by the edge of the cliffs. Views of the ocean, and stunning real estate will also entertain your eyes.

  • Angeles Crest Scenic Byway

One of the most stunning roads in California which runs through the San Gabriel mountain range all the way through the Los Angeles National Forest. Just imagine driving and witnessing the view with your special someone (or even just by yourself). A spectacular view of the Pomona Valley and the Mojave Desert awaits just for you.


About The Brand

Youngest out of nine siblings, Walter Owen Bentley founded the company that carries his name on 10 July 1919. A century after his name is still well-known around the globe for manufacturing cars with an unparalleled blend of performance and craftsmanship coupled with the use of the most exquisite materials.

The first car to bear his name pulled out of New Street Mews, London in 1919. Starting from humble beginnings, the company was able to move from strength to strength – in an endless pursuit of both luxury and performance. Were it not for the brand’s five victories at Le Mans in the 1920s, plus a sixth in 2003, this combination could be seen as a contradiction in terms. In which case, it could be said that Bentley continues to create the most acclaimed contradictions on the road today. Located in Crewe, England, and owned by Volkswagen AG since 1998, Bentley Motors remains the unmatched British luxury car company, creating the world’s most desirable high performance


Special White Bentley Flying Spur Rental Offers

  • White Bentley Flying Spur rental for prom

Prom is coming up, and you’re looking for a luxurious ride to impress your prom date. You want something that will stand out among the other cars in the parking lot. What do you get? A White Bentley Flying Spur! The White Bentley Flying Spur rental is perfect for prom because it’s available for a short time frame and can be customized with all sorts of luxuries like champagne service. This year, don’t settle on anything less than what you deserve – go with the best!

  • White Bentley Flying Spur rental for wedding

The wedding of your dreams is on the horizon, and you’re looking for a way to make it more than memorable. Imagine adding an experience that will be talked about for years to come: Bentley Bentayga rental. Imagine arriving in this stunning luxury SUV and driving away with memories that will last a lifetime. The perfect way to start off your marriage! 

  • White Bentley Flying Spur rental vacation or holidays

The Bentley Flying Spur lets you enjoy a vacation or holiday without having to worry about how expensive it will be. It’s just like being on vacation all year round, but instead of going to Hawaii, you go wherever your heart desires with this luxury vehicle! You can come back home and tell everyone about your experience while drinking cocktails from a crystal glass.

  • White Bentley Flying Spur rental for bachelor parties

If you’re looking for a luxurious vehicle to rent for your next bachelor party, look no further! Our White Bentley Flying Spur is perfect. It has everything you need to enjoy the night out at the club with your buddies and still be able to make it home in clean style. 

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