How To Rent A Ferrari In Las Vegas 

Nestled in the Mojave desert, Las Vegas is a scepter of tinsel and neon lights. Imagine tearing through the landscape in a brightly colored Ferrari. That can be your reality if you rent a Ferrari from us in Vegas. 

Ferrari In Las Vegas

It’s where you go to take a break from work and city life, without leaving the city nightlife behind. But next time you’re in Vegas, think about what you’re driving. At 777 Exotics, we’ll make your wildest dreams come true with our long-range of luxury and sports cars. Rent a Ferrari as well-polished as your brogues, and make your stint at LV extra special and memorable. DM us at @777exotics or give us a call at (310)683-4777 for rental rates. 

Renting a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, or Lamborghini has never been so easy! We have a wide range of luxury cars, sports cars, and supercars to rent at our Vegas location. These cars have always been the preferred mode of transport for the ultra-rich. But for most of us, there’s little merit in babying a garage queen for all year just to take it out a couple of days in the summer, right? 777 Exotics lets you enjoy these rides if you’re on vacation or just want to take a fun weekend trip. 

Characteristics of Ferrari 488

You can find the mighty Ferrari 488 in our fleet for rental. It’s a mid-engined sports car with more than 600 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque on tap. This award-winning supercar is a masterpiece of engineering with its aluminum and titanium engine components. It looks jaw-dropping with its road-hugging stance and sharp, iconic Italian styling. 

Rent A Ferrari

If you’ll take some wind in your hair with those 600 horses, we’ve also got a Ferrari 488 Spyder in our stable. It’s one of the fastest convertibles on the road today, and it can be yours for that special occasion. So, come rent a Ferrari from us today! 

The supercar scene is more varied than ever, but Ferrari’s appeal is unique. It’s the closest you can get to track-focused performance while being cosseted in supercar luxury. Leather lines every surface on the interior, and every control knob or button, or touchscreen is tailored to enhance the driving experience. It’s an experience that has to be lived to believe. As Ferris Bueller would say, “if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” Heed his advice and rent a Ferrari in Las Vegas from 777 Exotics. 

Driving around Vegas isn’t exciting in itself. After all, it’s just city streets with everyday traffic such as football-mom SUVs and work trucks. But that commute can be exciting, too, if you do it in an exquisite exotic car. Rent a Ferrari from us and drive up to the casino parking lot, and you’ll get winks from valets and glances from strangers as they try to decipher your line of work from your shoes. 

But showing off isn’t all that Ferraris are good for. These are blue-blooded performance cars that impress you at every flick of the wheel. Feel the blood gushing through your veins every time you ease off the throttle to pull the paddle shifter for a downshift. Every single time, the car spits out an angry expletive that you can only hear out of a Ferrari’s exhaust baffle. Rent a Ferrari from none other than 777 Exotics! 

All it takes is another prod on the gas to make those Italian horses charge at the horizon with you clutching at the wheel. It switches direction with all-aluminum lightness and agility. With traction control and all its other safety tech, our Ferraris won’t ruffle your hair or your spirit on the state highway. 

That’s why you need to find us when you want to rent a Ferrari on that special occasion in your life. We’re at 3347 South Highland Drive in Las Vegas, NV. For your pleasure.