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McLaren Rental Los Angeles

The McLaren rental los angeles P1 is a limited-edition super car that blends a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain with striking looks and race-inspired technology in order to provide an unmatched driving experience. The 777 Exotics Mclaren rental is powerful and refined.  This is the perfect car for day and night if you are looking to rent a Mclaren in Los Angeles. Largely built out of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, the P1 is the spiritual successor to the iconic McLaren F1.

The P1’s overall shape is reminiscent of the smaller MP4-12C but its details are far more exotic. The P1 features a truncated front end with a highly-stylized front fascia, butterfly doors, headlamps that mimic McLaren’s boomerang-shaped logo and flowing character lines that give the car a look of motion even when it’s standing still. Out back, the P1 is characterized by a high-mounted center exhaust, a large spoiler, meandering LED tail lamps and a functional air diffuser.

The P1 is powered by a revised version of the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine that is also found in the engine bay of the MP4-12C. The mill features a Formula 1-inspired dry sump lubrication system and a low sited flat plane crankshaft that helps reduce the center of gravity. By itself the eight-cylinder makes 727 horsepower and 7,500 rpms and 531 lb-ft. of torque from 4,000 rpms.

A 57-pound electric motor integrated into the V8 engine produces 176 horsepower and 190 lb-ft. of torque, providing an acceleration boost when needed and helping offset the low-end lag typically associated with turbochargers. The motor enabled McLaren engineers to use beefier turbos than they normally would without worrying about creating excessive amounts of lag.

The electric motor gets juice from a 211-pound lithium-ion battery pack designed with an emphasis on power delivery. Mounted between the seats and the engine bay for better weight distribution, the pack can be recharged using kinetic energy or in just two hours by plugging an on-board charger into a regular household outlet. Alternatively, the P1 packs a world-first “pit lane charging” system that uses the V8 as a generator to give the battery a full charge in just ten minutes. The McLaren Exotics Los Angeles Rental are giving you a chance to drive around Los Angeles Contact Us now.

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