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BMW i8 Roadster


Are you one of those people who thinks that hybrid technology is limited to boring hatchbacks and sedans? That couldn’t be further from the truth, and you only need a quick glance at the BMW i8 Roadster to have every previously-held notion you had about hybrids shattered and corrected. The i8 gives you sportscar performance and looks with world-beating efficiency and economy.

Stunning and head-turning looks come as standard in the i8 Roadster. The sleek aerodynamic outer design is irresistible. It’s built with lightweight carbon fiber dihedral doors which open upwards for that futuristic feel. The big door cutouts give easy access, and you can whip the roof up or down in an amazingly quick 16 seconds. You can choose from a range of 2-tone colors, as well as various 20” alloy wheel options — W-spoke, radial spoke, turbine spoke.

The car is powered by a 374hp 1.5L petrol engine, along with an 11.8kWh battery to push the electric motor. The combined power can get you from 0 to 60 in just over 4 seconds, but all while delivering maximum fuel economy of 128.4mpg. Yes, you read that right. Going all-electric gives you an extra 31 miles of range. If you ever wondered how they’d make sportscars practical as well as stylish, the BMW i8 Roadster delivers you the answer on 4 exquisite 20” alloy wheels.

BMW i8 Roadster Side

On the inside, the driver and passenger enjoy electronically adjustable sports seats with memory function so you never have to reset your seat settings after a loved one has been driving the car. Every i8 interior color scheme offers something unique and all in sumptuous and delightful leather — Carpo Ivory Black/White, Accaro E-Copper, Carpo Amido and more splendid color schemes. Convenience is also the name of the game thanks to keyless entry with the special BMW “display key.” This stylish fob shows you on screen your car’s vitals like current fuel level and charge level so you can plan ahead. In addition, because the i8 is a plug-in hybrid, you can charge the battery either at home, near the office or at one of the growing number of charge points around the country. Your hybrid, your choice.

Athletic and aerodynamic though it is, the BMW i8 Roadster is also built for safety. Innovative features like Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) reduces wheel spin, while a host of other ADAS additions make safe driving a breeze. Systems to warn you of approaching hazards, pedestrians or cyclists, a rear-view camera and park assist, real-time traffic info, speed limit information, automatic high-beam assist — the list goes on.

Join the green revolution in the most stylish way possible by making the BMW i8 Roadster your next automotive partner.

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Mercedes Benz G550

Mercedes Benz G550

The Mercedes-Benz G550 might well be the ultimate in SUV technology; a perfect synergy of strength and luxury. This incredible car delivers you 416hp, 450lb-ft of torque and will get you from 0 to 60 in an impressive 5.6 seconds. But it’s not just a power machine, the G550 is also among the most uniquely designed, stylish and luxurious models you’ll find in any category.

The G550 is a seriously powerful machine, with all that horsepower emanating from the awesome 4.0L V8 bi-turbo engine. Continuous AWD is standard in the G550, which allows you fantastic traction and control wherever you are driving. The vehicle rides on absolutely stunning 8-spoke alloy wheels, with sizes from 18 to 20 inches. Strong lines and an imposing and impressive frame are standard, of course, but you can upgrade it even further by opting for AMG styling. The G550 is not a car to be ignored.

The interior comes with a raft of options and upgrades so you can really make the Mercedes-Benz G550 your own. Fine and exquisite are the order of the day when you sit in the G550. You get multi-contour front seats with ventilation, rapid heating and even massage if you wish. All the upholstery is sumptuous Nappa leather, and the entire inside has a feeling of crafted opulence.

G Wagon Rental g550 and g63

Mercedes continue their reputation for fantastic technology and innovation in the G550, too. To start with, your media and navigation is shown on a flawless, immaculate 12.3” central touchscreen, features on which you can easily control with the Cockpit Management and Data (COMAND®) system. Placed ergonomically for ideal reach, the COMAND makes it easy through swiping and one-click buttons to set everything up exactly as you like. There’s even an additional 12.3” digital instrument cluster to replace the standard analogue if you want to take high-tech to its highest levels. The display is fully customizable and comes with a variety of appearances to best suit your current driving situation.

Always at the forefront of safety as well as style, Mercedes have included their Attention Assist program (the first of its kind in the world) which monitors up to 70 aspects of your driving behavior to offer alerts and reminders about taking a brake and driving more safely. There’s also radar-based cruise control and speed limiter, blind spot assist, lane keep assist, rear-cross traffic alert and much more.

You’ll always stay connected and charged thanks to USB, aux and SD ports, as well as voice recognition and easy integration of your devices via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The optional in-car Wi-Fi can further keep you connected without having to rely too much on your data plan! 

Become part of the most exclusive SUV club in the world with the Mercedes-Benz G550.

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Rolls-Royce Wraith


The Rolls-Royce Wraith redefines the Grand Tourer genre, and that’s not overstating it. The Wraith is probably the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever created, and it won’t be long until you are head-over-heels in love with this innovative and game-changing GT.

The Wraith is a powerful machine, drive by a 6.6L turbo-charged V12 engine that will take you from 0 to 60 in under 4.5 seconds. It displaces some 591hp and is controlled via a cutting-edge 8-speed satellite-aided automatic transmission. This state-of-the-art system makes use of satellite information to scout the road ahead and adjust transmission and suspension accordingly to fit road conditions.

The modern technological twists in the Wraith don’t stop at the transmission. The entire car, while retaining the very best traditions of hand-crafted quality, luxury and opulent style that Rolls-Royce is known for, also brings a new edgy chic. For example, the interior is accented by greater use of brushed aluminium, which is a nice contemporary touch. You also enjoy advanced air suspension that compensates for any lateral movement making for a stable and dynamic drive on any surface.

Rolls Royce Wraith Black rental in Los angeles Las vegas

Other tech treats include active cruise control, which uses radar to automatically maintain safe distances from cars detected ahead of you. There’s also touch-handle car opening thanks to a smart key. That same key also stores your seat preferences, as well as wheel position and driver head-up display settings. At the centre of your console is the touchpad rotary control system, which puts everything at your fingertips for easy and quick control of the cars features.

Be under no illusions, though. The Wraith is Rolls-Royce through and through; the 2:1 proportion of wheel to roof height, the long overhang beyond the back wheels, the rear-hinged coach-style doors and the self-righting wheel centres that remain in upright position even when the car is moving along on its stunning 20” or 21” alloy wheels. You can even choose two-tone paint if you like, which sets off and accents the gorgeous lines and makes it even more of a head-turner.

Finally, the individualised, handcrafted nature of the Rolls-Royce Wraith leaves plenty of room for your own extra touches. Add on treadplates with your own customised text, for example, or go for the “coachline.” This exclusive hand-painted pinstripe line adds an accent to your Wraith, and is created by hand with immaculate precision by a single craftsman. Your Wraith, your rules.

Discover the Wraith and put yourself into the very best of Rolls-Royce.

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Rolls-Royce Dawn


Since its first release in 2016, the Rolls-Royce Dawn has been inspiring drivers, passengers and onlookers as possibly the most stunning and luxurious convertible cars ever made. It’s only the third convertible model from Rolls-Royce in the past half a century, in fact. It’s powered by a fantastic 6.6L turbo-charged V12 engine, that while being the most powerful engine of nearly any convertible you’ll see, is actually a very quiet and comfortable ride. No other company understands the synergy of power and comfort better than Rolls-Royce.

Casting your eyes over the exterior of the Dawn is to look at wondrous beauty and dynamism. You get the same imposing, authoritative and stylish lines as any signature Rolls-Royce vehicle, but with the added twist of the advanced convertible roof. First of all, this class-beating roof can be quickly stored or deployed at the rapid pace of just 22 seconds. Second, it completes this operation with seemingly no noise, so the atmosphere of your luxury convertible dream on wheels is never broken. Rolls-Royce calls the movement, “the silent ballet.”

RR Dawn

When the roof is up, the Dawn is so quiet that you would be forgiven for thinking you were driving an electric vehicle. You’d never know that a V12 could run so quietly. Even with the roof down, the aerodynamic shape diverts wind in such a way that aside from some unavoidable exterior traffic and city noise, you maintain a quiet open-road ride.

The interior of the car takes “sumptuous” into an entirely new league. The inside features a well-planned, driver-centric design with all controls easy to both reach and use. In your Rolls-Royce Dawn, wood grain, metal and leather are the order of the day. The soft seat leather will transport you to a comfort zone you never previously thought possible, and the stunning grains in the handcrafted wood will have you gasping in awe at their beauty. Not an inch of plastic or lacquer in site for the Dawn. The infotainment system is lifted and modified from the BMW 7 Series, so for many it appears familiar. It is tweaked to offer a Rolls-Royce look, but retains the user-friendly features that make it popular with the BMW brand.


The fact is that the Rolls-Royce Dawn is more than just a car, it’s an event; an occasion to be celebrated and recognized. The iconic Pantheon grille and the Spirit of Ecstasy pull you forward in a fast and elegant ride you’ll never forget. Self-adjusting air suspension and feather-light steering make you feel as though you are driving a cloud; not a bump to be felt or a corner to be missed. That’s why they call it “Magic Carpet Ride” technology over at Rolls.

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Stunning Ferrari 488


Start the week in style in our stunning 488🔥 DM us @777exotics or give us a call (310)683-4777 to book your experience today!

Just saying the name makes your heart race if wanting to Rent a Ferrari Los Angeles CA. The lilting, musical syllables of Ferrari cars all over the world make one feel like they’re about to clinch the checkered flag on the racetrack. How could you not? After all, the relationship between automotive racing and Ferrari has been a love affair lasting decades. As far as exotic sports cars go, Ferraris are unabashedly fast, furious and everything else in between. Take a look at our fine collection of convertibles, coupes and live out your racing fantasies now.

When you regard the Huracan, the first thing you see is those classic, sharp Lamborghini lines, as well as its amazing low-lying profile and unique outer design. Nothing else compares, truly. The Huracan’s athleticism and aerodynamic design is unparalleled thanks to great innovation like the front splitter that creates a double airway around the vehicle for incredible performance. It’s powered by a 470kW V10 engine that will launch you from 0 to 60 in just 2.9 seconds. The powerful double rear exhaust together with that engine create probably the single most iconic engine sound in the world. If the first sight of the Huracan didn’t hook you, then the first hearing of its engine will.


Call us today to book your rental. We offer daily, weekly and long-term rates with our Best Price Guarantee. Still deciding?  Ask us about our test drives and we’ll help you narrow down your choice.

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Audi R8


Welcome to Audi’s very own supercar — the R8 — available as either the Coupe or Spyder open-top version. It also comes in three trims, the V10 Quattro, Performance Quattro and the top-of-the-line Performance Carbon Black. Whichever you choose, they all come with the supreme quality guarantee of Audi, and include dynamic, bold and confident lines, terrific engine power and performance, as well as the most stylish and comfortable interior of any in the company’s eclectic range. The R8 truly is King of the Audi Hill.

Looking to the car’s fantastic exterior design, the R8 never fails to impress. First, there’s the distinctive LED headlights and rear lights, which also feature dynamic indicators. The headlight pattern is like the R8’s signature, and helps you to stand out, but also provides great illumination at night. It’s like the sun itself is loaded into those casings. The aerodynamic and sporty frame sits atop 19- or 20-inch alloys, which come in various finishes, such as matt titanium, diamond cut and more. The front end, besides the LED lights, also has other gorgeous features such as the single-frame radiator grille and striking enlarged air intakes, all in gloss anthracite black. The whole look of the car says power and confidence. It’s magnetic, and comes in 8 color choices.

Audi R8 Rental

On the inside the impressive streak continues. The sumptuous Nappa Leather interior stretches beyond just the seat upholstery, but also to the console, door, armrest and insets. The sports seats are crafted and molded to be supportive and comfortable, including improved side bolsters to offer improved lateral support as you take corners. They also have pneumatic 4-way lumbar support that helps make even longer journeys supremely comfortable. You’ll love the deluxe automatic air conditioning feature that monitors and improves the air quality, giving you a pleasant and healthy driving environment, as well as a comfortably seated one. 

When it comes to the driver cockpit, nothing could be finer than the R8. The leather steering wheel is mounted with all the controls you need in one place, and behind it sits the immaculate and crystal clear customizable 12.3 digital instrument cluster. As you drive, you can display your MMI Navigation Plus data on the cockpit display as you plough through the country with your 5.2L engine, riding comfortably on the R8 Sport Suspension system that makes this supercar a quiet and enjoyable ride. Other great ADAS features include Parking System Plus with audiovisual warning signals and reverse camera, cruise control with customizable maximum speed, and much more. 

To drive the R8 is more than a pleasure, it’s an extraordinary privilege.

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Rolls Royce Cullinan


Did you ever think you’d live long enough to see a Rolls Royce SUV? Enter: the Cullinan, probably the most opulent, stylish and incredible luxury SUV anywhere in the world. In fact, it’s so luxurious, they’ve had to come up with a new category name for it – XUV (the ‘X’ is for luxury).

On the outside

From your very first glance, you are bound to be instantly in awe of this machine. It has a huge, powerful and confident outer design with distinct nods to its close relative, the Rolls Royce Phantom. You get 21” wheels as standard, as well as electric door closing function, an electronically deployed tow bar, and all the magnificent lines and sense of grandeur that you would demand from the Rolls Royce Brand. The Spirit of Ecstasy sits proudly on the bonnet, with the trademark front grille and headlight design sitting just below it all.

 On the inside

Two words — opulence and detail. Every inch of the Cullinan’s interior oozes craftsmanship and style. There’s barely an inch of unsightly plastic to be seen, with all surfaces and finishes being made of leather, metal and optional super-soft lambswool for carpets. As a driver or a front passenger, you sit in massage seats covered in the most decadent and sumptuous leather you’ll ever touch. There’s also around 560 litres of boot space, and electric-powered rear- seat folding that you can control from the boot, too. Rolls Royce really do think of everything. There are even premium-quality umbrellas built into the doors!



The brand has more than a century of history, but the tradition of tech integration is alive and well at Goodwood. There’s a 360-degree camera that helps with parking, and the infotainment is powered by the BMW iDrive. You also have the option to install a rear entertainment system for passengers which keeps those in the back amused on long journeys. The Cullinan is also built with anti-roll bars, hill-descent control, and a suspension system that uses front cameras to detect the road ahead and automatically adjusts itself to suit the road conditions.

 The driver experience

The Cullinan is powered by a 6.75L twin-turbo V12 engine that delivers 570hp and 850Nm of torque. It’s a lot of car to drive on the road, especially smaller roads, but it handles exceptionally well and has keen, responsive brakes. There’s also an incredible layer of insulation that reduces road noise to make a comfortable and quiet ride.

 Take luxury driving to new heights (literally) with the Rolls Royce Cullinan. It also comes in an exclusive “Black Badge Edition” which includes many additional stylistic and power upgrades. The Spirit of Ecstasy lives on, and it now comes in XUV form.

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Lamborghini Urus


This car make look like an SUV, and indeed it is, but it has the beating heart and soul of a super sports car. This is the Lamborghini Urus. Yes, it’s unmistakably Lamborghini, but like none you’ve ever seen before.

On the outside

The Urus has a powerful and dynamic presence; unmistakably Lamborghini and undeniably fantastic to behold. From the straight edges, Y-shaped and hexagonal details (including the headlights), and the breath-taking front end with its bold, sporty air intakes and front grille, you are instantly captivated. You can also choose from 21” or 23” alloys, a panoramic roof and a stunning selection of exterior colours and customisation options. You still get the functionality of an SUV, too thanks to the automatic powered boot that opens as you swish your foot under the rear bumper.

On the inside

Open up your Lamborghini Urus and you behold yet more stunning beauty and cutting-edge technology. You can choose from 5 different interior trims. The front seats can be both ventilated and heated, and come with massage function. You can also get heating in the rear seats, as well as a heated steering wheel and Lamborghini’s signature use of sumptuous high-quality materials, and top-notch finishes through and through. You can load up the 616-litre boot with as much gear as you need (plus extra when you fold the seats down). The driver enjoys crystal-clear digital instrument displays, as well as a twin-screen infotainment and touchscreen navigation system in the control centre.

Driver experience and safety

This magnificent machine is powered by a V8 twin turbocharged 4.0L engine that’ll get you from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds, delivering a whopping 650hp. There’s plenty of power then, but what about safety and the driving experience? The Urus is loaded with the latest safety gear, including (but not limited to) blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and more. Furthermore, it comes with night vision, which detects people and animals in and around the road at night using special infrared sensors. When driving, you can take advantage of “Anima” which is the control for the six available drive modes. Just move the shifter in the centre console and enjoy different modes to suit different surfaces, weather types and other conditions. There’s even off-road mode. Finally, you mat think that the big wheels make it a louder or bumpier ride, but think again. Thanks to the advanced air suspension system, the Urus remains a smooth and enjoyable ride. 

Change your outlook forever on this iconic Italian brand by embracing the Lamborghini Urus. It’s the most awesome, powerful and inspiring Lamborghini ever made.

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Urus Yellow Rental
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Top 5 Lamborghini Cars of All Time “Terzo Millennio”


Lamborghini is arguably one of the most beloved supercars brands in the World. The iconic Italian carmaker is known for its unique designs and utmost track performance. That said, how could you possibly pick the Top 5 Lamborghini cars of all time?

Even when it was challenging, we managed to choose 5 Lambos we believe set a milestone, not only for the brand but for automotive history. However, what we did not succeed in was deciding which of these legendary cars is more important than the other. That is why we decided to order them in chronological orde

5. Terzo Millennio

Ok, the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is not a production car (yet) but just a concept. Nevertheless, it clearly shows where Lambos are heading. Designed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Lamborghini Terzo Milenio combines all top-trending automotive technologies in one car. Its all-electric (one electric motor on each wheel), has self-healing bodywork, semi-autonomous driving capabilities, uses supercapacitors instead of batteries, and includes all current aerodynamic innovations. It is believed that this amazing concept car will go 0-60 in less than 3 seconds and charge from 0-100% in few minutes using common power outlets. Can’t wait to see it in action? We neither.

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