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BMW i8 Rental Los Angeles White

The cool and controversial BMW i8 is entering the second half of its life cycle with a modest update but big news in the form of a new softtop roadster variant. It’s no coincidence that BMW is unveiling the roadster at the annual auto show in Los Angeles—that is where the i8’s initial press launch took place in the spring of 2014, and it’s where the car has an especially rabid customer base that is eager to telegraph their green credentials with this plug-in hybrid that BMW stubbornly categorizes as an “electric” on its consumer website.

IMG_2693-1024x768 BMW i8 (White)
IMG_2702-1024x768 BMW i8 (White)
IMG_2699-1024x768 BMW i8 (White)
IMG_2696 BMW i8 (White)
IMG_2703 BMW i8 (White)

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