Rent a Lamborghini for Prom

Renting a Lamborghini for prom is the ultimate style statement. While luxury doesn’t come cheap, you’ll be surprised to find out that our rental rates compared to others will be perhaps the lowest, cheapest Lamborghini rental out there in the market. So no need to worry about cutting back for the best night of the year. Prom is the highlight of every teenager’s life and rightfully so. Getting dressed up in a swanky outfit means your choice of transport needs to live up to the thought and care you put into your clothing. A simple sedan just won’t do. And if you are the fashionista of your school, then only a Lambo deserves to be with you in your prom pictures. Be sure to call early to reserve the Lamborghini you want for your prom night. We easily get booked out during prom season so avoid disappointment and make your reservation now.

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Lamborghini Rental for Your Wedding

When the couple to be married are all about style and panache, then having a Lamborghini rental car on your wedding day is the best choice for you. Take a pick from our fine and limited edition selection of Lambos to escort you to your wedding venue. It’s fun, carefree and very, very fast. You might have to remind yourself that it’s not a race to the altar. Don’t worry, everyone will forgive you once they see how amazing you look next to your Lamborghini. Then one day years from now, you’ll wow them all over again when the kids start going through your wedding album and marvel at the rare, exotic car you drove on your wedding day.


Lamborghini for Road Trip

There’s a speed freak in every one of us, and you’d be surprised at who rents a Lamborghini for a road trip. It seems that this car just calls out to the inner race car driver that some of us didn’t even know we had. That’s the magic of a Lamborghini. You can’t help but have a strong tug of emotion once you see one, even if it’s just parked by the roadside. Imagine how thrilling it would be to hit Las Vegas or simply cruise the streets of Los Angeles in this masterpiece. Road trips are sacred me-times and your next journey deserves a Lamborghini to have the honor of bringing you wherever you want to go, as fast as you want it.



How much does it cost to rent a Lamborghini?

It’s relative to say that we offer cheap Lamborghinis for rent. Value for money is a better term, we think. Because with a masterpiece on wheels that each Lamborghini is, you can’t really put a price on the experience and thrill you get whenever you sit behind one. But as far as cheap rental rates for Lamborghinis go, our $999 starting rate per day is a good deal. After factoring in the hidden costs of ownership, maintenance, and of course gas… renting a Lamborghini from us is definitely starting to look good. Experience all the highs of this car without any of the hassles. We’ve taken care of it for you. From maintenance to cleaning, and even white glove delivery to your hotel, office, or event venue of choice, we spoil you from start to finish just like we spoil our cars in the garage.

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Before You Choose A Lamborghini Rental – Know The History

Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini has its own unique origin story. Depending on who you believe, the first (and more romantic) version says that Ferruccio Lamborghini was dissatisfied with the clutch on his Ferrari, and one day went to the car maker himself to complain. Enzo Ferrari didn’t have time and took offense that this man would dare tell him something was wrong with his vehicles. Finally he told Lamborghini that it wasn’t the clutch, but the driver who had the problem! This didn’t sit well with Ferruccio, so he left Ferrari’s office and vowed to make his own exotic luxury car to rival Ferrari’s.

lamborgini-huracan-spyder-2-lambos-min-300x276-1 Lamborghini for Rent Los AngelesThe second version is more pragmatic. Lamborghini was a mechanical wizard with an aptitude for diagnosis and creative repair of vehicles during his WW II stint in the army. He was assigned to a station in the military that was relatively untouched by the war around, and quickly Ferruccio gained a reputation as the man who could fix almost any vehicle on the camp. When the war ended, he saw that Italy needed to rebuild, and its agricultural sector had come to a standstill when resources were diverted to the war effort. People needed to plant and have a harvest so he created the Lamborghini tractor company to sell reliable vehicles to farmers who could now focus once more on food production. His tractors were known to be reliable and in a few years Lamborghini was a wealthy man, capable of buying all the top of the line cars of his time. While disassembling his Ferrari’s clutch, he noticed it was identical to the clutch used on his tractors. However, the same part in a Ferrari cost about three times as much as in a tractor. There was money to be made and Ferruccio seized this opportunity to build his own supercar with his name heralding the brand.

The first concept car Lamborghini produced was at his factory in Sant’Agata near Bolognese. At the Turin Autoshow of 1963, the GT 350 was unveiled to the public. While its design was beautifully done when compared to its contemporaries, Lamborghini felt that it didn’t make enough of an impact and had it redesigned. This turning point from producing a supercar that could rank among the Ferraris and other brands of the day, into stepping out even further to the design edge set the trail for what Lamborghini cars are known for today. Outrageous design, bold vents, sharp edges and harder lines than its competitors are what the Lamborghini brand is now famous for.

The car that began this trailblazing trend was the Miura, named after the famous Spanish fighting bull. With the Miura’s shockingly futuristic look, the tone for the rest of the supercars that followed was set. Formerly seen as an upstart, after the Miura the Lamborghini brand was officially was a legend.

Throughout its history other notable cars followed. The Countach, first seen in 1974, showed aggressive angles and the now-distinctive Lamborghini scissor doors. Alas, the history of the company itself was not so smooth. After several years Ferruccio sold the company to other investors, and while cars still rolled out of Sant’Agata, ownership changed hands from Swiss investors, to Chrysler, then Audi—each company having its own stamp on the design and manufacture of the famous Lamborghini supercar.