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Luxury SUV Rental Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Luxury You Can Share. In Case You Wanted, of Course.

We’re all for sleek, super fast two-seater cars but there are just some days when the Ferrari needs to be left in the garage. For occasions like this, it’s the luxury SUV you want to be seen driving around town. Beverly Hills, Malibu and Las Vegas trips with the requisite shopping included, suddenly make better sense while seated inside a luxury four-wheel drive. Also, if you’re planning a great night out with friends, then we have the perfect rides to take you your event in true red carpet style. Jaws dropping at your arrival… guaranteed.


Luxury SUV Rental for Your Wedding

Always a pleasure to drive, our luxury SUV fleet is composed of some of the most in-demand vehicles available to the modern bride and groom. You even have the option to include a chauffeur for the day to make it even more special for you and your loved one. Drop offs at the airport for your honeymoon getaway are also a breeze, and ask us about our LAX airport pickups for when you come back home.

Last-minute changes, unexpected traffic and little things can stress out even the most prepared of couples on their wedding day. Your vehicle shouldn’t be one of those things that can throw a wrench into your wedding. When you rent a luxury SUV from us, you’re assured of a clean, well-maintained car delivered to your hotel or wedding venue on time.

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Range Rover HSE Rental

Rent a luxury SUV for Prom

Arrive in style at your prom when you rent a luxury SUV from us. We have a range of vehicles to suit every taste, from aggressive looking SUVs to more stately ones, there’s a luxury SUV that’s perfect for you and your date, plus friends. With a luxury SUV as your transport for the evening, there’s no learning curve in driving (unlike those who rent exotic cars) and you can be smooth and confident when you pull up at the prom venue (or after party) and just focus on having fun instead of driving a car that might get away from you. With GPS and built-in navigation systems as standard features in a luxury SUV, you know that you’ll never get lost or be pressed for time with friendly updates delivered to your dashboard. Picking the right vehicle for prom is almost as important as what you wear, so be sure to call us early to reserve the car for your special night out.

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Cadillac Escalade ESV Rental

Luxury SUV Rental for Road Trip

The perfect vehicle for a road trip would of course, be an SUV. But why settle for just any old SUV when you can up the ante and travel in both luxury and style? 777 Exotics has some of the finest luxury SUVs from local and overseas manufacturers. All the brands you love, and maybe a few models you’ve only heard about and would like to try. California and especially car-crazy Los Angeles is a hotbed of car enthusiasts and you’ll be pleased to know that other people on the road know exactly what your ride is. When you travel in a luxury SUV from us, you’re sure to get a well-maintained vehicle that is clean inside and out, fresh and ready for your road trip. The versatility of the SUV for off-road and on road getaways makes this class of vehicle one of the most popular segments in the American car market. Take it to the beach, the mountains, or even the desert, all our luxury SUVs can handle the terrain in style. The roominess and power in these vehicles also means you can tow pretty much anything from a jet ski to a small boat, or pack a large group in comfort for extended, long distance drives. It’s perfect for bringing small kids too. There’s enough room for everyone and the family pet, saving your sanity on the road.

How much does it cost to rent a luxury SUV?

We’re pleased to offer some of the most in-demand luxury SUVs to our clients. Versatile, roomy and sure to make a statement, luxury SUVs are about as practical as you can get when you need to transport more than two people, or have oversized cargo to bring around town. We can give you the most competitive rates for rentals in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area. Great for personal or business needs, renting a luxury SUV from 777 Exotics means you’ll get a well-maintained, always clean vehicle delivered to your residence or hotel. Call us to let us know what model you’re interested in and we’ll be happy to give you a quote for your stay.


Call us today to book your rental. We offer daily, weekly and long-term rates with our Best Price Guarantee. Still deciding?  Ask us about our test drives and we’ll help you narrow down your choice.