Mercedes GTC AMG Rental

 $999.00 / Per Day


Mercedes GTC AMG Rental
$999.00 / days :
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7 - 7 days : $999.00 Fixed
14 - 14 days : $999.00 Fixed
21 - 21 days : $999.00 Fixed
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  • Best pricing guaranteed.
  • More free miles included.
  • Call with any questions: 1 800 903 5926

    Think of the GT C that has been added to the Mercedes-AMG GT lineup as the equivalent of the Carrera GTS in the Porsche 911 roster. Both cars are the third step up on the power and expense ladder. Both come standard with distinctive interior and exterior design details. Both have fatter rear haunches to accommodate wider wheels and an increase in track compared with their lesser brethren. And both are topped by a track-oriented model further up the price and power scale—the GT R in the AMG‘s case and the GT3 for the Porsche.

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