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The Closest You Can Get to Formula 1 Glory

Just saying the name makes your heart race if wanting to Rent a Ferrari in Los Angeles CA. The lilting, musical syllables of Ferrari cars all over the world make one feel like they’re about to clinch the checkered flag on the racetrack. How could you not? After all, the relationship between automotive racing and Ferrari has been a love affair lasting decades. As far as exotic cars go, Ferraris are unabashedly fast, furious and everything else in between. Take a look at our fine collection of convertibles, coupes and live out your racing fantasies now.

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Call us today to book your rental. We offer daily, weekly and long-term rates with our Best Price Guarantee. Still deciding?  Ask us about our test drives and we’ll help you narrow down your choice.


Ferrari For A Day – Test Drive

It’s impossible to get the full experience of a car like a Ferrari in a few minutes!

The best way to really get a feel for a Ferrari 458, 488, or California Turbo is to allow yourself the whole day to really experience and enjoy the car.

This way, you will be 100% sure you are comfortable behind the wheel.

Rent a Ferrari for a day as an alternative to the basic test drive and enjoy more miles and the freedom to explore.

We have also Ferrari 488 Spider in Las Vegas.

For A Special Occasion

Switch it up and drive to your special occasion in style.

A Ferrari could just be the perfect ride for your wedding. People are doing unique wedding looks these days.

Who, the talk of the prom?  Yes that could be you with the best prom gear, a Ferrari!

Another great idea is to pull up to your bachelor or bachelorette party in one of our Ferrari machines. The opportunities to impress your guests are endless!

The Racing Legend – Ferrari History:

Enzo Ferrari was first brought to the races by his father. The experience of taking in the sights and sounds of early automobile racing made an indelible impact on the destiny he chose for himself. Rather than follow his father’s footsteps into the family business, Enzo sought to find a job after the war with Alfa Romeo, the eminent car manufacturer of the time. Unfortunately, even with a letter of recommendation from his Army captain, Enzo was not hired as a machinist. Undeterred, he made himself a known figure in a local trattoria frequented by race car drivers and was able to get a job recommendation at a smaller company some ten miles away from Turin.

His keen sense of machinery and how far an engine could be pushed made him an excellent judge of performance and talent. Enzo in his early career made several wins as a race car driver, although not enough to be classified as a remarkable one. He embarked on a series of ventures, convincing wealthy investors interested in fast cars that he could build a better car each year. People believed his charming ways and even workers were spellbound by his charisma, often working weekends or late at night to build the Ferrari car.

In 1929 he formed the Scuderia Ferrari racing team, using Fiat cars customized to his specifications. It wasn’t till 1947 that the first Ferrari-badged car, the 125 S, came into being. It was powered by a 1.5 L V12 engine at a time when most Italian cars only had engines with less than half of that power.

The Ferrari mystique was fueled in the early days by participation in long-distance road races such as the Mille Miglia, a 1,000-kilometer endurance race on the open road. Ferrari cars and their team of drivers soon became the talk of the town. Aided by consecutive victories in Italy and abroad, Enzo was able to sustain his racing prowess by offering the race-winning models to the public, albeit equipped with less powerful engines and more luxurious interiors. Customers enthusiastically embraced the idea of driving a car with coachwork similar to the sports car pedigree winners, and orders for road cars that referenced their race car siblings ensured a steady cashflow for the company.

Enzo Ferrari’s company was guided by his steady hand for 40 years up until his death in 1988. By that time the Ferrari marque had been established as a national icon of Italian automobilia and continues to dominate in F1 racing even today.


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