Lamborghini Aventador Rental Los Angeles

There are fast cars with the obligatory bold design and eye-stopping presence, but there is none quite like the Lamborghini Aventador. It’s said that Ferrucio Lamborghini himself once said, “if the car doesn’t turn heads on the street, then the designers haven’t done their job properly”. Well, we can assure you the designers in Italy have done a splendid job that would have made the old man proud. Driving in a Lamborghini is not just an experience, it’s a revelation of what speed, carbon fiber and impeccable Formula 1 credentials can do for the human heart. It’s love at first drive.

Lamborghini Aventador Rental for Wedding

The Lamborghini Aventador is the top choice for the bride and groom who want to make a splash at their wedding. Not just a serious occasion, but a full-blown celebration of life and love! Our Lamborghini Aventador packs in style in every square inch of its carbon fiber frame, and an engine so loud you don’t need people to cheer for the newlyweds anymore. In a Lambo, the term getaway car takes on new meaning. Not that you’ll be speeding your way out, but it’s nice to know you have that extra power and oomph under the hood in case you suddenly need to get to the airport in a hurry.

Rent a Lamborghini Aventador for Prom

Prom night just got way cooler as soon as you and your date step out from a Lamborghini Aventador. Even before they see you, the unmistakable sound of its engine and aggressive headlights already announce your arrival. The anticipation builds until you finally end the suspense and open the gullwing doors to reveal your presence. For the prom goers who are not afraid of attention, the Lamborghini Aventador makes the perfect start and end to your debut on the Los Angeles prom season. You just raised the bar so high… you ARE the bar. Now how can anyone else top that?

Lamborghini Aventador for Your Road Trip

Miles of open road ahead of you and not another car in sight. Bringing a Lamborghini Aventador on your next road trip makes it part-rally, part road trip. Unlike typical road trips, the presence of a car this fast means you can plan your itinerary for places further away than you would attempt in a regular car or SUV. There lies the beauty of having a sports car that has conquered the world’s most prestigious race tracks. When driving there and leaving the world behind is what matters, you can’t go wrong in a Lambo. See Vegas or San Francisco in the shortest time it’s ever taken to drive. More hours for you to enjoy the city and have a good time. Call us up today and let us help you plan your next adventure in the car of your dreams.

How much does it cost to rent a Lamborghini Aventador?

Our Lamborghini Aventador rentals start at $1,699 per day. Depending on the season, some rentals go for higher while some are lower. If we can’t find an available Lamborghini Aventador for you, we have lots of other supercars you might be interested in. Give us a call to let us know what dates you’re planning to rent from us.


The king of the road is available for daily rental in Los Angeles.  If you have not driven the Lamborghini Aventador through the streets of Beverly Hills or out to Malibu these are great locations to enjoy.  We offer the best pricing guaranteed on Lamborghini Aventador rental in Los Angeles with optional insurance and deliver to your hotel/home. Call us at 800 903 5926 or email

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Still deciding if this is the right exotic car for you?  Consider the scissor doors gliding up as you exit the cockpit… Consider the engine does not simply accelerate, it launches off the line.  The interior of the Lamborghini Aventador rental at 777 Exotics and cleaner and more luxurious than most luxury brands.  With More Miles Included and the Best Price Guaranteed you should absolutely have the Aventador experience at the top of your driving wish list.