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1966 Mustang Convertible: 7 Rare Facts and Specifications

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The 1966 Mustang Convertible for rent at 777 Exotics is a timeless classic car that continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts with its iconic design and rich motoring history. This unique mustang is used for Hollywood films, music videos, and just cruising around Los Angeles with the convertible top down. 

In this article, we will explore seven rare facts and specifications that make the 1966 Mustang Convertible a unique and sought-after vehicle.

A Limited Pony Production:

In 1966, Ford produced a total of 72,119 Mustang Convertibles, making it a relatively rare variant compared to the coupe or fastback models. This was the golden days for Ford and the Mustang was the centerpiece.

Wimbledon White, Tahoe Turquoise, Take Your Pick:

The Wimbledon White exterior color was the most popular choice for the 1966 Mustang Convertible. However, finding one in an alternative color, such as Candyapple Red or Tahoe Turquoise, is considered rare and adds to the car’s uniqueness (Reference: “1966 Ford Mustang Exterior Colors.” Mustang Specs, www.mustangspecs.com/1966-ford-mustang-exterior-colors/).

The Legendary Pony Interior and Wood-Grain:

The Mustang Convertible featured an optional interior package known as the “Pony Interior.” This special package included embossed running horses on the seatbacks, a five-gauge instrument cluster, and deluxe door panels with wood-grain accents. That’s right, wood-grain has been a special feature in cars since the 1960s! Finding a Mustang Convertible with the original Pony Interior intact is a rarity (Reference: “1966 Mustang Interior.” Mustang Specs, www.mustangspecs.com/1966-mustang-interior/).

Original High Performance K-Code Engine:

The 1966 Mustang Convertible offered a high-performance option known as the K-Code engine. This was a 289 cubic-inch V8 engine with solid lifters, high-performance cylinder heads, and a four-barrel carburetor. Only a small percentage of Mustang Convertibles were equipped with the K-Code engine, making them highly sought after by collectors (Reference: “1966 Ford Mustang K-Code.” Mustang Specs, www.mustangspecs.com/1966-ford-mustang-k-code/).

Want a Dual Exhaust? Get the GT Package:

The GT package was available as an option for the 1966 Mustang Convertible. It included special badges, fog lights, dual exhausts, a heavy-duty suspension, and disc brakes. Finding a convertible with the original GT package is considered rare and adds a sporty and aggressive touch to the car (Reference: “1966 Ford Mustang GT.” Mustang Specs, www.mustangspecs.com/1966-ford-mustang-gt/).

The Rare Mustang Bench Seat Option:

While most Mustang Convertibles were equipped with bucket seats, a rare option was the bench seat configuration. This allowed for a unique seating arrangement, making the car stand out from its contemporaries. Locating a Mustang Convertible with the original bench seat option is a true rarity.

Limited Production Sprint Package:

In 1966, Ford introduced a limited-production Sprint Package for the Mustang Convertible. This package included special badges, unique side stripes, chrome air cleaner, and a center console. Finding a Mustang Convertible with the original Sprint Package is quite rare, as it was only available for a short period (Reference: “1966 Ford Mustang Sprint Package.” Mustang Specs, www.mustangspecs.com/1966-ford-mustang-sprint-package/).


These seven rare facts and specifications highlight the exceptional qualities of the 1966 Mustang Convertible. Back when this car first arrived on the streets it set imaginations on fire and still does today over 50 years later.  The classic mustang will always be a symbol of adventure and good times in the history of automobiles.  You can drive this beautiful car for yourself with simple classic car rental deals from 777 Exotics. 

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