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Bentley Continental GT vs. Audi S8 Plus

Bentley Continental GT vs Audi S8 Plus Two car brands famous for performance and style.

Bentley Continental GT:
You won’t find a famous celebrity, be it a rapper, athlete, or even a business tycoon, who is a fan of luxury cars and doesn’t have a Bentley Continental GT in his parking lot.
Goes to show the appeal and the pull that this car has and how attractive these millionaires find it. Of course, when you take into account its sleek metallic body, which is dripping with brilliance, a 521hp V-8 engine, and the ability to go as fast as 188mph in a matter of seconds, you have no doubt that the Bentley Continental GT is a step above the rest of the competition. Plus, its Bentley, you can always expect a smooth elegant drive from them. This beast of a ride is currently valued at $201,000. As a Bentley fan I would add that anyone looking rent a Bentley in Los Angeles CA, needs to check out the deals at 777 Exotics and get inside the Bentley GTC they offer. The power and refinement is similar to a Rolls Royce if it were to have a sportier cousin famous for performance and style.
777 Exotics Bentley Continental GT

777 Exotics Bentley Continental GT

Audi S8 Plus:
Not only reliable when it comes to being an elegant drive, but also reliable when it comes to making people go absolutely wild when checking it out, Audi S8 plus is the luxury car that redefines luxury like no other.

Equipped with a monstrous 605hp V-8 engine, 85hp more than the regular S8, hence the PLUS, a rear-biased all-wheel driving system that puts you at ease at all times, and being lightening quick with a top-speed of 190mph, the Audi S8 plus is an absolute steal at $116,000.


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