Bentley SUV The Bentayga Mulliner

When it comes to getting really-really pricey the Bentley SUV The Bentayga Mulliner, only a handful of brands can compete against Bentley. The year 2018 brings along the Bentayga Mulliner, a rendition of the SUV which boosts the price even higher into the sky. – Heck why not
However, customers won’t pay just for the name, but will also get a redesigned chrome fascia and 22-inch wheels with weighted centers that will always display the Bentley logo upright.

A unique addition is the Mulliner bottle cooler and chiller, fully integrated into the rear console. The cooling compartment is backlit with LED lighting and features two handcrafted Cumbria Crystal champagne flutes and an illuminated bottle chilling ring. The frosted glass soft-close door is etched with the Mulliner branding. This is coachbuilding at its finest, combining beauty and functionality in equal measure, with exquisite attention to detail.

The inside of the Mulliner boasts the finest sewn leather upholstery, holding spots for champagne flutes and 15-color customizable ambient lightning which reflects beautifully against the wooden inserts.

The Mulliner name has been a mark of luxury travel for almost 500 years. Working with Bentley since the 1920s, it is now established as Bentley’s very own personal commissioning division. It epitomises what can be achieved when a customer’s vision meets the imagination and craftsmanship of the world’s finest coachbuilder.

t is subtle details, and a choice of unique options, that elevate Bentayga Mulliner to pinnacle standards.

Bentayga Mulliner delivers presence from every angle starting with the all-new Mulliner 22” Paragon wheels. The LED Welcome Lamps make entering the car at night a special occasion, with signature Bentley wings beamed onto the ground to illuminate the scene. The effect is completed by Mulliner Illuminated Treadplates in both front and rear cabin areas.

34568494561_f2dbc6063f_b-1 Bentley SUV - The Bentayga Mulliner

Bentley SUV – The Bentayga


This introduction to the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner was written by our new contributor Stephanie L. from Stephanie is a professional writer and editor with a love for cars and a gift for words.