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BMW i8

Back in action! Our BMW i8 is now wrapped in a beautiful nardo grey!

Stand out anywhere you go with this custom color!

Dm @777exotics or give us a call at (310)683-4777 for rental rates!

88213032_220379695781533_8907320860713277173_n Back in action! Our BMW i8 is now wrapped in a beautiful nardo grey!

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BMW i8 Roadster


Are you one of those people who thinks that hybrid technology is limited to boring hatchbacks and sedans? That couldn’t be further from the truth, and you only need a quick glance at the BMW i8 Roadster to have every previously-held notion you had about hybrids shattered and corrected. The i8 gives you sportscar performance and looks with world-beating efficiency and economy.

Stunning and head-turning looks come as standard in the i8 Roadster. The sleek aerodynamic outer design is irresistible. It’s built with lightweight carbon fiber dihedral doors which open upwards for that futuristic feel. The big door cutouts give easy access, and you can whip the roof up or down in an amazingly quick 16 seconds. You can choose from a range of 2-tone colors, as well as various 20” alloy wheel options — W-spoke, radial spoke, turbine spoke.

The car is powered by a 374hp 1.5L petrol engine, along with an 11.8kWh battery to push the electric motor. The combined power can get you from 0 to 60 in just over 4 seconds, but all while delivering maximum fuel economy of 128.4mpg. Yes, you read that right. Going all-electric gives you an extra 31 miles of range. If you ever wondered how they’d make sportscars practical as well as stylish, the BMW i8 Roadster delivers you the answer on 4 exquisite 20” alloy wheels.

BMW-i8-Roadster-Side-600x400 BMW i8 Roadster

On the inside, the driver and passenger enjoy electronically adjustable sports seats with memory function so you never have to reset your seat settings after a loved one has been driving the car. Every i8 interior color scheme offers something unique and all in sumptuous and delightful leather — Carpo Ivory Black/White, Accaro E-Copper, Carpo Amido and more splendid color schemes. Convenience is also the name of the game thanks to keyless entry with the special BMW “display key.” This stylish fob shows you on screen your car’s vitals like current fuel level and charge level so you can plan ahead. In addition, because the i8 is a plug-in hybrid, you can charge the battery either at home, near the office or at one of the growing number of charge points around the country. Your hybrid, your choice.

Athletic and aerodynamic though it is, the BMW i8 Roadster is also built for safety. Innovative features like Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) reduces wheel spin, while a host of other ADAS additions make safe driving a breeze. Systems to warn you of approaching hazards, pedestrians or cyclists, a rear-view camera and park assist, real-time traffic info, speed limit information, automatic high-beam assist — the list goes on.

Join the green revolution in the most stylish way possible by making the BMW i8 Roadster your next automotive partner.

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The BMW i8 Roadster

10 Exotic Cars of 2019 You Shouldn’t Miss

Driving exotic cars may be one of the most exciting things you can ever do! Indeed, not everyone gets the chance to sit behind the wheel of cars considered to be superpowers like the Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati. The pride of driving a car owned by a select few, or one that you don’t see often on the streets, is absolutely exhilarating! You may find yourself not ever wanting to get out of the car the moment you get to hold the wheel. People don’t just go gaga over the speed of these exotic cars in Los Angeles; they also go crazy over the looks! Whew! These cars are simply awesome! So checkout the cars that made it to the list of top exotic cars of 2019!

BMW i8 Roadster

When it comes to the top exotic cars of 2019, the BMW i8 Roadster will not be trailing in any manner. This baby can be the envy of many. Its superb engineering in both engine and body can, without a doubt capture the attention of guys and gals. With a futuristic design and with the logo of the German car-maker company saying “Hello” to everyone it meets on the road, this car will give you that feeling of being a celebrity. Why not? The BMW i8 Roadster can go from 0 to 100 km/h in a whopping 4.6 seconds only! Care to drive this?


VEHICLE TYPE: mid-engine, front- and mid-motor, 4-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door convertible

BASE PRICE: $164,295

ENGINE AND MID MOTOR: turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 12-valve 1.5-liter inline-3 + permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor; combined output, 228 hp, 236 lb-ft; 11.6-kWh lithium-ion battery pack

FRONT MOTOR: permanent-magnet synchronous AC, 141 hp, 184 lb-ft

MAXIMUM SYSTEM OUTPUT: 369 hp, 420 lb-ft

TRANSMISSIONS: Front: 2-speed automatic; Mid: 6-speed automatic with manual shifting mode

WHEELBASE: 110.2 in
LENGTH: 184.9 in
WIDTH: 76.5 in HEIGHT: 50.7 in
CURB WEIGHT (C/D EST): 3600 lb

Zero to 60 mph: 4.2 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 10.0 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 12.7 sec
Top speed: 155 mph

Combined/city/highway: 28/

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