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Drive LA to Las Vegas

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Family Friendly Things to See On The Ultimate Family Road Trip

Drive LA to Las Vegas

Everyone loves road-trips Drive LA to Las Vegas , they encapsulate the idea of freedom but driving for 4 hours from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is daunting, especially when the whole family have grown tired of playing eye-spy or twenty questions.
It’s time to make a stop, or several even, before you reach your destination that is the gambling city of the world. Here are a few worthy spots to check out on the road.

Mormon rocks
Kids love going on adventures and this one is no exception. If you go right off the freeway as you come to the top of the pass, you won’t be able to miss this huge rocks. There is a visitor center nearby and you can go on a trail that lasts for a mile, giving you an excellent view of the sandstone beasts.
The trail starts at the fire station near Highway 138, west of interstate 15.

Route 66
If you want a glimpse of traditional diners, antique shops and even an ostrich farm, then make your way to Route 66, its exit 153a near D Street.

Bottletree Ranch
This place personifies art poignantly and cleverly, most things are made from old bottles and vintage items that have lasted for decades. It’s a fine spot for a few funny snaps and great for stretching the legs after being in the care for a while.

Peggy sue diner
At some point on the road, everyone will get hungry. Do you opt to eat a sandwiches you brought along or sit in a diner and scoff down some burgers, fries and apple pie? After eating here, you can explore the outside garden which is occupied with metal dinosaurs. There is even a shop full of memorabilia from the 50s and 60s.

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