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Next-gen Porsche 911

Most anticipated cars of 2019 Next-gen Porsche 911

We’re living in the golden era of motoring. Sure, internal-combustion engines are on their way out, but they’re going out with a bang. Currently, the automotive spectrum of cars available is wider than ever. With that being said, here are our favorites you can look out for in 2019

Next-gen Porsche 911

Nothing else defines the sports car segment like the Porsche 911 does. It’s arguably the most recognizable car on the planet, and it’s certainly the best sports/super car of all time. There’s a model variant to fit everyone, from the sane and refined Carrera all the way to the insane and mental GT2 RS. The next generation 911 will make its debut sometime next year, with a slightly tweaked exterior and some interior changes. The car will, undeniably, remain rear-engined. It’s what defines each and every 911, and part of what makes them so special. Porsche will probably opt to keep the current twin-turbo flat-six seeing they debuted it just last year, but the prospect of a plug-in hybrid 911 gets us excited. Seeing what a drastic effect on performance a hybrid drivetrain had in the Panamera, one can only assume a hybrid 911 will be even more ridiculous.

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