Nissan GTR

 Less exotic is the interior, which lacks the quality and design you’d expect from a classy coupe but has been vastly improved for the 2017 model year. Some of the plastics look still look and feel a little cheap, but a new touchscreen system has allowed Nissan to tidy up the dash and there’s softer nappa leather for a more luxurious feel of Nissan GTR.
You might be wondering:
Despite the lackluster interior design, the car’s exterior styling still turns heads – where rivals have released all-new, fresher looking models, the GT-R has remained relatively constant in design terms, with only minor tweaks over the years. But that’s no bad thing, as the car still has a legion of loyal fans.
Some Specs:
EPA: 16/23 mpg
0-60: 2.9 sec
HP: 600 hp
Top Speed: 191 mph
Just watch out about those launch control warranty issues.
Is it worth you cash? See the infographics below.