Most anticipated cars of 2019 Porsche 960

We’re living in the golden era of motoring. Sure, internal-combustion engines are on their way out, but they’re going out with a bang. Currently, the automotive spectrum of cars available is wider than ever. With that being said, here are our favorites you can look out for in 2019
I’ll go ahead and round this list off with a car which we know very little about. There have been speculations of a new mid-engined supercar from Porsche for years now, but we’ve only recently gotten a whiff of some hint details about it. It will sit above the 911s of the world but below the 918 supercar, slotting somewhere in the middle. Some sources suspect it will utilize a flat-eight, but that seems unlikely since they’ll have to develop a new engine. It’ll probably utilize a turbocharged flat-six from the GT2 RS and some sort of electric assistance, but the hefty price tag will reflect all that performance on tap too.