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Mulholland Drive

Top 5 Places to Drive Around LOS ANGELES

Driving can be a real pleasure if not for the monstrous traffic common in big cities like Los Angeles. Even if your car’s air conditioning and music are on, the pressure, and yes stress, of thousands of cars moving at a snail’s pace can easily make you angry. In fact, many people who live in “The City of Angels” would rather leave their cars at parking areas or at home and ride public transportation to work. Nevertheless, there are times that you wish you could just enjoy driving your car without these massive traffic jams. What if you’ll discover there are still places in Los Angeles where you can enjoy the pleasure of driving and relish in the scenic views? What if you find out that you can drive on some of these places at maximum speeds of between 65mph or 105kph and 55mph or 90kph?

Your Car is Part of You

Can you still remember when you got your very first car? Did you recall taking it out for a drive? There is that inexplicable joy in getting inside the very first car you own. There is that strong connection between the owner or driver and his own car. It’s not only about the convenience of getting from one place to another. It’s also the feeling of fulfillment at realizing one of your dreams. Ask any first time owners what they did when they got their first car. Did they immediately take it to work or place of business? Almost all of them said that they took their car for a ride. Some say they drove on some scenic highways while others say they took their family out in their new car for a treat. Would you like to revisit such feeling once in a while?

The Pleasure of Driving

The happiness you felt when you first drove your car along scenic highways may not be long lasting but it can always be revisited. Maybe it’s just what you need after a stressful week at the office. Driving your car, particularly if it’s a convertible, on scenic LA highways can be a great stress reliever. It’s even more pleasurable than hanging out at malls during weekends and holidays. You can bring some snacks with you and enjoy the ride with your loved one or family. Best of all, there are specific points along these famous drives where you can park your car and enjoy the view while munching on snacks. Are you now prepared to discover the top 5 places to drive around Los Angeles? Here they are.

Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is one of the most famous roads in Los Angeles. Built during the 1920s to help make way for a massive housing construction in Hollywood Hills, it’s known for having some of the best spots of spectacular panoramic views. While you can always check out the phenomenal views of Los Angeles that Mulholland Drive offers, it’s best if you do it at nighttime. The sparkling lights and bright neon signs of the City of Angels at night when viewed from various spots in Mulholland Drive is nothing short of remarkable. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some of the most exclusive homes in Los Angeles are located on this area. The road itself has inspired a lot of artists as numerous songs, poems, and even a movie, have been made for it.


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