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Audi R8

Our Audi R8 Spyder is the perfect sports car to enjoy


Our Audi R8 Spyder is the perfect sports car to enjoy

The Los Angeles Scenery under the California sun!
Dm @777exotics or give us a call at (310)683-4777 for rental rates!

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Audi R8 LMX


Audi R8 LMX

Made by a German luxury carmaker, some features found on the new edition is a unique Ara Blue paint  job, Audi R8 LMX  new wheels, carbon-fiber reinforced plastic components, and a leather-wrapped cockpit. The rear carbon-fiber spoiler looks great. Mirrors, grilles and front spoiler are finished in carbon as well.
Here’s the deal:
The new sports car is fitted with Audi’s laser light technology, previously seen on the R18 e-tron quattro race car. The world’s first production car with laser high beams.
Here is some quick Specs:
Car type: Coupe
Curb weight: 1595 kg (3516 lbs)
Power / weight: 357 ps (352 bhp) / t
Torque / weight: 339 Nm (250 lb-ft) / t
Power: 570 ps (562 bhp / 419 kw)
Torque: 540 Nm (398 lb-ft)
Want to Know the best part? 
See the infographics below.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”12873″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” onclick=”img_link_large” img_link_target=”_blank”][vc_btn title=”More about AUDI R8 LMX” shape=”square” color=”inverse” align=”center” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.audiusa.com%2Fus%2Fweb%2Fen%2Fmodels%2Fr8%2Fr8-coupe%2F2022%2Foverview.html|title:More%20about%20Audi%20R8%20Coupe|target:_blank”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Our Top Exotic Cars To Drive In 2018

Our Top Exotic Cars To Drive In 2018

Driving a Bentley Continental Flying Spur Our Top Exotic Cars To Drive In 2018, which is equipped with a Twin-Turbo 6.0litre W12 engine, blessed with a ZF 6-Speed automatic transmission and can go from 0-60 in only 4 seconds, is a dream for most men out there.
You pick a guy on random and ask him about any car that he would like to drive on any silky road of the country, 8-10 guys would pick this bad boy. But the problem arise when these guys see the bright price tag on the car. A car worth around $200K must have some real tricks up its trunk, but unfortunately, not many people have that kind of money to spend.
Worry not, dear car enthusiasts, because now, you don’t have to BUY cars for you to fulfill your dreams, you can just rent an exotic 4-wheeling beast and run around town in it. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top exotic cars and their rent.

Rolls Royce Drophead:

Let’s start off with the first choice of every elegant man who knows the true meaning of class. Rolls Royce has always been a symbol of class and stature, but Drophead, which is a convertible car with a 450hp V12 engine purring it on, ups the ante like only it could. And with a rent of around $2,000 to $5,000, you’re almost ready to turn your favorite dream of driving a Rolls Royce, into a reality.

Aston Martin DBS Volante:

The choice of Champions and rock stars, as evident from the fact that Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo owns a sleek Aston Martin DBS. This hunk(we are talking about the car) may have a lot of sex-appeal, but it is its ability to conquer everything in its path, which impresses us the most.  Boasting a 510hp V12 engine and reaching top speed of 191mph, this demon of an automobile costs around $280,000, but you can rent it for around $1000 to $3000 per day.

Ferrari 458 Italia:

It doesn’t matter how many participants a race has, when the race starts, it ends with a Ferrari 458https://777exotics.com/ferrari-458-italia-coupe-rentals/ Italia winning it. There’s a reason why the king of Formula 1, Michael Schumacher, drove Ferrari, go figure. This car is the OH MY GOD combination of strong and stunning, and it can hit a top speed of over 200mph. Drive it now for around $1000 to $4000 per day.

Lamborghini LP640 Roadster:

If you want a three word description for Lamborghini LP640 Roadster, “Ferrari on Steroids”. A car valued at around a staggering, $465,000, this one has a 640hp V12 engine with an E-gear 6-speed semiautomatic transmission. This little monster reaches a top speed of 205mph, so it is safe to say that the only thing faster than a Lambo, is lightening.

Audi R8 Spyder:

Audi R8 Spyder, Check. A stunner, Check. 525hp V10 engine, Check. 7-speed S tronic dual-clutch, Check. Top speed of 195mph, Check. 0-60 in 3.4 Seconds, Check. Driving it around in rain, snow, or scorching heat, we will leave that to your choice. Get this amazingly gorgeous car for rent at $1000-$3000 per day.

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