MERCEDES E400 Rental Los Angeles & Las Vegas

The Mercedes E400 began innocuously enough with automatic handbrakes and the slow death of the manual gearbox is now steaming at pace toward a future where humans will likely only feature on the optional extras list. BMW’s new 5 Series, for example, can pretty much drive itself for spells of 30 seconds, while Audi’s A6 can be fitted with better night-vision tech than SEAL Team Six.

But the Mercedes E-Class just might pip them both. And that’s because Mercedes has thrown everything it’s got at its iconic saloon – including some stuff it’s borrowed from its S-Class flagship – to tackle the best its German competitors can muster. This Mercedes  E-Class drives itself, parks itself, changes lanes on demand and will scream to a complete stop from 110km/h in an emergency without you having to touch the brake. And that’s only part of the story.

MERCEDES-E400-front-view MERCEDES E400 Rental Los Angeles
MERCEDES-E400-right-view MERCEDES E400 Rental Los Angeles
MERCEDES-E400-back-view MERCEDES E400 Rental Los Angeles
MERCEDES-E400-stearing-wheel MERCEDES E400 Rental Los Angeles
MERCEDES-E400-top-view MERCEDES E400 Rental Los Angeles

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