Death Race is a 2008 American action film based on the 1975 film Death Race 2000.

The movie is about a brutal cross-country car race in which drivers compete for their lives. The drivers are divided into two teams: one team drives sleek, powerful sports cars, and the other drives dirty, ugly trucks.

Jason Statham stars in this dystopian action film about a prison derby race to the death. Death Race was conceived as a prequel to the 1975 Death Race 2000. Privatised prisons are dotted across the United States, and Jensen Ames finds himself in one of them after a mysterious masked assailant incapacitates him and destroys his family. At the Terminal Island penitentiary, he is assigned a car and a navigator, but the race is rigged. Death Race couldn’t win critics over, but as a fast-paced thriller, it works just fine.