The Car is a 1977 American action thriller film directed by Elliot Silverstein and starring James Brolin, Kathleen Lloyd, John Marley and Ronny Cox. The plot involves a car that has been modified to be controlled remotely.

The movie was filmed in the deserts of California. The car used in the movie is an actual replica of the car from the TV series “The Rockford Files”.

This movie is about a demonic car which drives around a Western town killing indiscriminately until it is destroyed in a pit full of dynamite. Why does it kill people? No reason, its just pissed off and generally evil. Even if you aren’t a Demolition Derby enthusiast with a penchant forr mindless gore, you’ll enjoy The Car for the exaggerated aggression, casual religious references, and the beautiful canyon views. It is haunting, but not in the way it intends to be. .