Do you remember the last time you had to sit through a gruelling hour and a half of bad cinema just because it was a movie about cars? Gearheads are often denied the simple pleasures of a good story and compelling performances. Yet, there are tales of glorious cars and legendary drivers littered throughout the history of motorsport. Following are tales of ambition, passion and tragedy, which artfully demonstrate the love of man and machine.

image-w1280 The French Connection (1971)

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Inspired by a true story, The French Connection features one of the most thrilling car chases in the history of cinema. This multiple Academy Award-winning police drama follows NYPD detectives, Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle and Buddy Russo in their mission to track down a drug- smuggling chain, bringing large quantities of heroin into the United States from somewhere in Europe. Turns out, it is the French drug kingpin, Alain Charnier, who is responsible for a large fraction of New York’s dope. A series of iconic action sequences later, Popeye is hot on Charnier’s trail. But can he still escape?