Do you remember the last time you had to sit through a gruelling hour and a half of bad cinema just because it was a movie about cars? Gearheads are often denied the simple pleasures of a good story and compelling performances. Yet, there are tales of glorious cars and legendary drivers littered throughout the history of motorsport. Following are tales of ambition, passion and tragedy, which artfully demonstrate the love of man and machine.

long-way-round The Long Way Round (2004)

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Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s documentary is one of the most entertaining biking trip movies of recent times. The duo hop on beautiful new BMW tourers and set off on their trip — from London to New York City, the long way around. They travel across the English channel to Europe, then to central Asia, Russia, across the Pacific ocean, Alaska, and then across the heart of America to the finish line. The documentary does well to highlight the challengers which even experienced riders face when they leave the comfort zone of the first world.