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Get the BEST PRICE GUARANTEE on Luxury, Classic and Exotic car rental and have more fun with more free miles included.


Lamborghini rental is fast and easy with 777 Exotics. The Lamborghini Aventador and Lamborghini Huracan are luxurious and powerful new models that will have your heart racing from the moment you see them. An exotic car rental puts you in the drivers seat of a Lamborghini in Los Angeles!

Classic Car Rental Los Angeles & Las Vegas

Classic cars like the Ford Mustang and Cadillac Eldorado have developed into cultural icons. When you choose a classic car rental in Los Angeles or Las Vegas you can be sure that heads will turn. 777 classics are available for commercial and personal use and have been used in Music Videos, Films and Photoshoots. Driving classic cars to Las Vegas or a tour of Hollywood is a great way to see Southern California and all of the attractions of Hollywood.

Classic Cars From $249

Ferrari Rental Los Angeles

A Ferrari rental puts you behind the wheel in one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Los Angeles has sunny weather year-round so renting a Ferrari 458 convertible is ideal at any time of year. 777 Exotics has the best pricing on the Ferrari rentals Los Angeles loves with fast and friendly service. Choose to hire a Ferrari for as little as a day or all season long at unbeatable prices. Call for details 800 903 5926.

Ferrari rental is fast and affordable with 777 Exotics. Ferrari 458 Italia and Ferrari California are great choices for Los Angeles sight seeing, special occasions and prom car rental. With the Ferrari 458 priced at $999 what are you waiting for!

G550 and G63 Rental

Mercedes G63 and G550 – G Wagon rentals are a solid choice for navigating Los Angeles. Powerful and refined SUVs like the AMG G63 are a great way to travel around Southern California. Seating and visibility in the G wagon make it great for executive transportation or traveling with a group in Hollywood, Beverly Hills or Las Vegas.



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Get the BEST PRICE GUARANTEE on Classic cars and Exotic car rentals and have more fun with more free miles included. Call 800 903 5926


“Natasha G.”
WOW!! Amazing Service and unbeatable prices over at 777 Exotics! Rented out a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Ferrari 458 Italia (Insanely Loud), Lamborghini Huracan, and a Rolls Royce Drophead. They have every make and model available!

“Fedrick L.”

Great service. I rented the corvette stingray and it was awesome.

“Thomas R.”

They have an outstanding fleet of automobiles at highly competitive prices.

BMW i8 Supercar Rental

The Ultimate Driving Machine has taken an evolutionary step forward with the BMW i8. The interior of the i8 is just as impressive as the performance making this a great choice for refined and powerful driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas or Malibu. Call for details on this beautiful i8 rental 800 903 5926.

Classic Car Rental

If you have ever wanted to drive a classic car from the streets of Los Angeles to Malibu… Or up the coastline of California to Big Sur or San Francisco we have the experience of culture you are looking for. Our classic car rentals are perfect for top down cruising and relaxing weekend trips. Rent a classic car with 777 Exotics and get more miles included and the best pricing guaranteed.

Vintage Muscle Car Rental

Driving a V8 Mustang or Camaro with the top down is a great way to see the lights of Los Angeles and Vegas at night. A vintage muscle car rental used as a wedding car makes for great photos and many of the vintage cars on the lot have been used as get away cars for wedding receptions.

Luxury Car Rental Los Angeles

The Bentley Flying Spur comes in four variants to please its discriminating clientele who want luxury, sophistication and unparalleled attention to detail in their vehicles. Its all-wheel drive 6.0 liter engine makes this the car to drive, and the W12 S variant pushes the edge in sporting performance. While flirting on the edge of sports car specs, the Bentley Flying Spur has not forgotten its roots as a well-bred city vehicle. The large boot (a rarity for a car in its class) can easily hold golf clubs and other large luggage for that weekend getaway.

Drive Los Angeles To Las Vegas

Los Angeles and Las Vegas are two of the most popular, and most fascinating destinations in the United States, but it really is true; the greatest part of going any place new is always the journey to be there, rather than the destination itself. In fact, driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is likely to be one of the best roadtrips in the United States, and despite the barren desert surroundings for most of the drive, there is actually quite a few things to see on the way to Vegas.

Lamborghini Rentals Beverly Hills

Another excellent machine has come out of Lamborghini’s fine coachbuilding facility. The Lamborghini, named after a famous fighting bull, is a car built for speed and style. A 5.2 liter V10 engine sits at the heart of this ferocious beast. Seating for two means that one lucky friend or date perhaps will be able to enjoy the thundering ride with you, assuming you live in a place where traffic doesn’t put a damper on your freedom of expression.

Lamborghini Huracan

At its heart this Lamborghini is a mix of wildness tamed within a hybrid aluminum/carbon fiber monocoque and the Huracan is every inch the bull waiting to be unleashed. It handles responsively, like a precision scalpel on the road. With aerodynamic management built in from the ground up, this supercar is guaranteed to stay on the ground (but really, who would not want to fly in a machine that looks like this?) as neighboring cars recede into blips in your side mirror.

Corvette Rental

Absolutely one of the all time greatest American Sports Cars, the Corvette has been making heads turn for generations. With an illustrious history that pushes the limits of sports car design and performance the Corvette Stingray rental offered in Los Angeles holds to the task of entertaining you and your guest. As the interior of the new corvette enfolds you in the transformer like body, the sound of the engine confirms that you are indeed traveling in an icon.


If you are interested in driving a vehicle that will look fantastic, ride smoothly and keep your passengers safe, you need look no further than the Rolls Royce Dawn. This is a great choice in LA that will represent distinctly your taste and style when so many luxury cars seem the same. Throughout automotive history it is plain to see why Rolls Royce vehicles have been selected by Ambassadors, Maharajas and other dignitaries for their personal and official needs. Rolls Royce combination of style, unabashed luxury, attention to every detail and some of the most comfortable seats in and out of a car have won over many car lovers throughout the years.

Audi A7 and Audi R8

The Audi A7 Sport Back has the smooth styling one would expect from a higher end Audi. It doesn’t claim to compete with hyper performance as other coupes allude to. On its own it delivers a satisfying punch if one isnt after a turbo charged performance, and the Ultra model upgrade can also speak to those wanting that extra kick of speed. The A7 handles in a responsive manner and slick gearboxes make for smooth acceleration in this welcome addition to the executive car class of vehicles.

Bentley Convertible Rental

Bentley Continental has always been a favorite for its luxurious design and responsive reliability. Each update on the latest Bentley Continental has proven to be popular with those who seek a distinct performance. Famed for luxury and recently, backed by Audi’s precision engineering, Bentley has also won over many new drivers as the Continental has consistently ranked among its best sellers.

Ferrari Rentals Beverly Hills

With a record breaking line up of open-top sports cars behind its marque, Ferrari unleashed its latest offering, the Ferrari 488 GTB at the Geneva Auto Show. The GTB or the 488 Spider doesn’t disappoint with its Retractable Hard Top (RHB) as the main design component of this car. Every line of its sleek figure screams of Ferrari’s classic styling. From the prancing horse on the badge, the front spoiler, base bleed side intakes and Ferrari-patented blown spoiler design, this is a car that will make a splashy statement in a world of finely designed automobiles.

White Rolls Royce Wraith Rentals

White Rolls Royce Wraith

Wraith is the result of constant reinvention. The desire to push for more. To go beyond the expected. This is your chance to experience ultimate Grand Touring in a motor car born to the role. This is Wraith. This is Power. Style. Drama.

Wraith is the most powerful series model to carry the Rolls-Royce name. A 6.6 litre Twin-turbo V12 engine marks its intent. Add to that the dramatic fastback lines – an uncompromising nod to Grand Touring – and stunning exterior and interior options. Every inch is an experience waiting to be discovered, then unleashed. 

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