Do you remember the last time you had to sit through a gruelling hour and a half of bad cinema just because it was a movie about cars? Gear heads are often denied the simple pleasures of a good story and compelling performances. Yet, there are tales of glorious cars and legendary drivers littered throughout the history of Motorsport. Following are tales of ambition, passion and tragedy, which artfully demonstrate the love of man and machine.

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A wealthy Texan seeks a trucker who can bootleg Coors beer into Georgia for him. He finds Bo “the Bandit” Darville, at a rodeo in Atlanta and offers him $80,000 to bring him 400 cases of Coors from Texarkana in 28 hours. But as the Bandit is set to begin the second leg of his journey, he is stopped by a runaway bride, Carrie, who wants to hitch a ride. The Bandit agrees but ends up becoming the target of Sheriff Buford T. Justice, whose son’s bride Carrie was to be. Sheriff Justice and his dimwitted Junior begin chasing Bandit, all the way to Georgia to get Carrie back.