Collateral is a 2004 American neo-noir thriller film directed by Michael Mann and written by Stuart Beattie. It stars Tom Cruise as Vincent, a contract killer who specializes in killing people in the style of hits ordered from the Italian Mafia. Jamie Foxx plays Max, a taxi driver who becomes drawn into Vincent’s world.

The film was released on July 30, 2004 to positive reviews and grossed $227 million worldwide.

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Max is an LA cabbie with dreams of running his own limousine business, one day. Tired after a full day’s work, he picks up a sharply-dressed gentleman, Vincent, who offers him $600 to drive him to five locations through the night. Initially reluctant, Max is eventually swayed. As things suddenly get out of hand at the first of the five stops, Max finds out that Vincent is a hitman on a mission to murder five targets. But by now, there’s a body in the trunk of his car and he is left with no option but to carry on driving.