Toyota Supra Rental

It’s no secret that Toyota Supra Rental has been working on the new Supra successor for a while now. Although the car will share components with the new BMW Z4, both companies state they’ll be very different in feel and in purpose. The Z4 will most likely be an open-top only affair, with the Supra getting all the hard-top credentials. A return of the iconic 2JZ engine it won’t be, but expect a hybrid drivetrain packing serious punch. If it’s at least half as fun as the original Supra, I guarantee it’ll be a massive success for Toyota.

If there is a car that is included on almost every list of “greatest enthusiasts car” it’s the Toyota Supra. The little two-door sports car was originally bolted together as a response to the Z cars coming from competitor Datsun (and later Nissan), but it eventually grew into a special machine with a cult-like following. Now after years of rumor, speculation and dreaming, it looks like the new Toyota Supra is all but official. With Toyota having launched the FT-1 concept in 2014 and with sporty prototypes spotted on the road since 2016, it looks as if the next-generation Supra isn’t far from becoming reality.

The story of the Supra may start in 1978, but it was in 1987 with the

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